I enjoy playing with data and here is the list of my toys:

  • Linux: bash, shell scripts
  • Languages: Python, sql, yaml
  • distributed engines: Spark, Kafka
  • cloud services: GCS, AWS
  • data analytics tools: Pandas, Dask, Polars
  • BI tools: dbt, SSIS, Mode
  • sql engines: Sql Server, Postgrsql, Clickhouse, Trino
  • noSQL: MongoDB, Cassandra
  • data warehouse: Snowflake, BigQuery
  • data visulization: Apache Superset, PowerBI , MatPlotlib
  • data storage: Kafka (schema registry), Apache Parquet, Delta lake
  • data orchestration: Apache Airflow, Dagster, cron
  • containers: Docker, Nomad, K8
  • ci/cd tools: concourse ci , github Actions, Jenkins

I’m a big fan of open source and I’ve contributed to couple of projects like pandas and scipy on github.

I also like to take pictures wherever I go. You can check my photos on instagram or flickr.